hemmes house

I was commissioned by Justin Hemmes to execute an entire re-fit on a house he had bought on Pittwater. It needed a new kitchen, bathrooms and general overhaul including works to the boat shed. I worked closely with Justin who has impeccable taste and a high level of attention to detail, but who is time poor and needed someone to manage a renovation with logistical complications. The house is off-shore and only accessible by boat. Managing trades and getting materials to site was somewhat complicated. Tides had to be considered relative to getting boats in and out of a shallow pontoon dock. The house had been lived in full time, but its new owner wanted a simpler set up with less storage and no clutter, somewhere to use more as a ‘crash pad’.

One of my all time favourite projects, having to jump in and out of boats every day in one of the most beautiful locations on the planet. Lucky lucky xx


Renovation works